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Laura Rivas-Lopez

Laura Rivas-Lopez

Gallery Manager


16 Jan 2016

What do you do at Hang-Up?

After a few years as Senior Sales Consultant and Business Development Manager, I am now managing the amazing Hang-Up team. Although still involved with sales, I spend most of my time making sure everyone has the support that they need to make sure the gallery performs at its highest level and our clients get the best customer service.

Favourite Artists?

It's too difficult to decide who your favourites are when you have the privilege to work with such an amazing roaster of artists. Banksy, Mickalene Thomas, Nancy Fouts , Derrick Adams and Basquiat are for sure at the top of my list though.

Favourite Exhibitions?

'Fags, Birds and a Couple of Guns' by Nancy Fouts and the 'Game Changers' group show.

Best thing about working at Hang-Up?

One of the things I used to tell people when I started working at Hang-Up was ‘I didn’t know you could be so happy at work'. Four years here and the feeling hasn’t changed a bit. We are extremely lucky to work in an environment that allows us to be more than colleagues, and a lot of this has to do with Ben’s work ethics and his good eye to recruit people. We definitely are an example of ‘work hard play harder”!

Best Hang-Up moment?

There have been so many amazing moments through the years and it’s tricky to chose one. However, the launch party of the new gallery space at 10D Branch Place will always stay with me. It was a long journey, which involved a lot of hard work and many challenges, but was without a doubt worth it.

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