Laura Rivas-Lopez

Laura Rivas-Lopez

Job Title

Gallery Manager

Date Started


Favourite Artists?

I'm a big fan of Borondo, Connor Harrington and Francis Bacon - all of them distort reality in some way.

In terms of Hang-Up artists, I love the work of Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers, and the collages of Maria Rivans and Bonnie and Clyde. I love Mark Powell's works...the list could go on!

Favourite Hang-Up Exhibition and Why?

I remember visiting the Rosie Emmerson exhibition at the old Hang-Up space a couple of years ago and absolutely loved the way the gallery looked - the memory of the whites and blues in the Sring time has really stayed with me. Obviously The Connor Brothers 'So It Goes...' show last November is important to me as that marks the beginning of my relationship with Hang-Up - and it was so busy!

As a member of the team now, of course it has to be Mark Powells 'Anthropology' as I got to be a part of it.

Best thing about working with Hang-Up?

Being involved in every single aspect of working at the gallery is something that I really enjoy. Also, even though it's really hectic and super busy on a day-to-day basis, the environment always remains calm and relaxed which is a credit to our team. You never feel the stress of a working day and it's something I've never experienced before.


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