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Paul Wells

Paul Wells

Digital & Brand Director


2 Jun 2008

What do you do at Hang-Up?

Thinking. Branding. Website. Campaigns. I run my company BrandKits, and design and build things for Hang-Up, and the team (proudly) run wild with it.

Favourite Artists?

I'm drawn to the clever, simple, graphic, and maybe just beautiful. Until I bought my home I didn't really 'decide' what I wanted to be surrounded by. But ultimately that is what art is about, things we love to see. Daily.

Having degree'd in photography, I love what Joe Webb and Bonnie and Clyde do with images. Having worked in advertising, I love what The Connor Brothers do with copy. And loving the pure joy of paint (combined with my typographic fetish) I appreciate Harland Miller.
Shrigley is pretty cool too, for illustrating simplicity.

Favourite Exhibitions?

Aside from the very first Hang-Up show, where I had built the desks, hung the show, and was literally sweeping up the back as people were coming in the front, I thought Hang-Ten was pretty special.

It marked 10 years of evolution, from a bold start through continual developments (mostly online for me) to a loved east end gallery, where people came to celebrate some special moments along the way (for many people, collectors, artists, team members - old and new, and especially Ben Cotton, the worthy founder).

Best thing about working at Hang-Up?

This won't be unique, but it's a great team. I can do 'my thing' and get backed all the way (unless they think it's shit and they'll tell me, which I appreciate, being the master of frank). Hang-Up are consistently the pioneer of what I do, and I do my best for them.

Best Hang-Up moment?

It was genuinely appreciated when Ben acknowledged my contribution to Hang-Up at the Hang-Ten night. Old friends, consistent journeys, new adventures.

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