Charlotte Bain

Charlotte Bain

Business Development Manager


1 Jul 2015

What do you do at Hang-Up?

I am in a privileged position that spans two majors factors of Hang-Up Gallery. As logistics manager, I make sure that the gallery is running as smoothly as possible and the artworks are cared for while in the gallery and also in transit to the collector. On the flip side, I am the main port of call for gallery artists to support them and bring you their new works.

Favourite Artists?

Tim Fishlock, Delphine Lebourgeois and Basquiat

Favourite Exhibitions?

Nancy Fouts Fags, Birds and a couple of Guns 2020 - This was a special show as it is a retrospective of the late and great Fouts.

Best thing about working at Hang-Up?

Hands down, it's the people. Working in small, close knit team has taught me so much about the industry I always wanted to be in. Starting in 2015 as an intern and still here says it all!

Best Hang-Up moment?

Tricky but I think it might be moving into 10D Branch place. Being part of Hang-Up's journey is a joy but seeing the potential and possibilities in this space is really exciting.

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