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Sophie Gibbons

Sophie Gibbons

E-commerce and Logistics Coordinator


4 Jan 2023

What do you do at Hang-Up?

I maintain and edit the gallery’s website and online presence as well as coordinate the logistics at the gallery.

Favourite Artists?

Yayoi Kusama and Mickalene Thomas would have to be my top two, but I'm also so fascinated by the weird and wonderful works of both Nancy Fouts and Alma Berrow.

Favourite Exhibitions?

Looking through the gallery's archives, I wish I had been here to experience the 2021 exhibition, Game Changers – a gorgeous display of six groundbreaking, female artists. Although the art world is far from fair and equal, I think it's essential to take time to reflect on the success of artists where the odds have notoriously been rigged against them.

Best thing about working at Hang-Up?

This feels like a cop-out because everyone else has said the same... but the best part is the Hang-Up team! They have been nothing but welcoming, warm and supportive since the very beginning. We work hard, collaboratively and always have a laugh.

Best Hang-Up moment?

So far, I really enjoyed our team outing to see David Hockney's Bigger & Closer exhibition in Lightroom earlier this year. Although our offices and gallery are stunning, it was great to connect with the team outside of our day-to-day routine.

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