We hooked up with our friend and former Hang-Up member, Clemmie, who visited their studio. 

The greatest show on earth is life, but a second good choice is Barnum & Bailey's circus. Barnum & Bailey's started in 1919 and ended on the 16th May 2016.  

"The bearded ladies, muscle men and preforming monkeys disembarked from run down train carriages that were plastered with vibrant posters..."

Idiots Unlimited

"The experiences and their aesthetic clearly resound with the artists, leading them to explore the juxtaposition of the vintage awe and inhumane mindset that surrounds the circus today."

Since Crail Moansburg worked at the circus himself, he felt obligated to make some kind of memorial. 

Clash Right

The screen printing process is perfect for layering, playing with colours and creating clean editions or a set of unique prints. 

Joie De Vivre


How Much You Want To Pay To Be A Hero



Originals and screen prints available. Feel free to get in touch for more information. Keep on eye out for new releases coming soon!

A huge thank you to Crail Moansburg and Clemmie. We look forward to seeing to all very soon...

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