Since 2006, Dan Hillier has been a full time artist producing extraordinary works. His black lined engravings have become his signature. Describing his style as "a monochromatic, psychedelic, therianthropic, neo-Victorian good-time romp through light and dark, nature and wonder." 


Max Ernst is a huge influence in Hillier's work. Taking inspiration from the Dadaism and Surrealism movement, the artist combines elements from nature and fiction conclude in these delicate yet powerful images.  


This image is probably the most recognisable as the image from the debut No.1 album Out of the Black by Royal Blood. 

We got exclusive access and tour of Hilier's studio to catch a glimpse of where these wonderful works are produced.


Night's Dream



Exquisite unique, hand finished with 24 karat gold leaf.

To create the images, Hillier uses Photoshop and Wacom stylus to manipulate the found imagery into fantastical compositions. 



Hillier has been dominating The Other Art Fair for the past 10 years. This year they have come up with a competition, for an art student, to win a chance to collaborate with the artist himself!



All in all, we are very happy and excited to have such a talented artist onboard! 

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