1 Joe Webb

The Great Indoors II, canvas, 2015. 

Fascinated with printed ephemera, Joe Webbstarts a quirky and playful visual dialogue with today's culture by constantly re-imagining the images taken from his vintage magazines collection. He then transforms them into hand-cut collages, that explore important themes such as love and contemporary life. In 2014, Joe's work became an online sensation, with thousands of shares on the Internet, however, his original pieces (both collage and on canvas) can be seen at the Saatchi and Hang-Up Galleries, where his next shows are scheduled for. So do not miss the opportunity to see it in person.

2 Harland Miller

High on Hope, 2014

One of the top 300 most popular artists, according to the artnet- Harland Milleris definitely a name to be remembered. Well known for his sardonic, slightly nostalgic images, painted on dog-eared Penguin book covers, his works successfully combine the author's love for text, Pop Art and abstraction.

3 David de la Mano 

Caption: Fábula e Hilo, 2014 - wall and smaller piece, part of 'Border' group show, Cultural Center of Spain, Montevideo, Uruguay. Images: courtesy of the artist.

We have been following closely the work of Uruguayan-based Spanish artist David de la Manofor a while now. Monochromatic silhouettes of trees and anthropomorphic figures, completed in ink, coffee stains and paint are his signature characters, working great both on paper and wall surfaces. We cannot wait to see what David has prepared for his upcoming Paris show. Keep your eyes peeled.

4 Johnathan Reiner

Family Constellations 2015.
Totem 3-Fortuna, 2014.

Living and creating in two rather different worlds - art and medicine, Johnathan Reinerdissects beauty with such care and harmony, that it cannot go unnoticed. Skillfully balancing layers, colours, shades and patters, his pieces are a perfect unity of contradicting concepts.

5 Rosie Emerson

Sola, 2014
Lena, 2014.

Setting a new World Record for the Largest Cyanotype- August 2014, London - based artist Rosie Emersoncontinues to produce beautiful, highly original and collectible pieces, like the ones, that would adorn the walls of the prestigious members The Club at the Ivythis February (photos above). All images : courtesy of the artist.

6. Magnus Gjoen

Jasperware Scarab 2014

Playing with preconceived notions of objects, beauty, life and mortality, Magnus Gjoentransforms fragility into artworks to stay, such as his captivating Jasperware series for example (image above).

We look forward to seeing what he has prepared for an upcoming show in March.

7 Kristjana S. Williams

Falin Viltur Blar, 2014
London Skyline Bus, 2014.

Winner of the D&AD 2014 Award, and shortlisted for Cannes Lions -International Festival of Creativity, Icelandic-born, London-based Kristjana S.Williamsis definitely one to watch. We cannot get enough of her magical landscapes, featuring Victorian engravings with contemporary illustration.

8 Maya Hayuk 

Work in progress caption, Toronto, 2014. All images: the artist.

Combining the rich traditions of Ukrainian crafts with a more abstract, contemporary elements, Brooklyn-based Maya Hayukcontinues to push boundaries and creates massive breath-taking psychedelic pieces.

9 Mark Powell

Brainwave, 2014.
The King of Bling in Sing Song, 2014.

Last, but not least in importance is London-based versatile Mark Powell, whose immense multi-layered talents is revealed not only in his intricately delicate intense biro drawings, but also in his newer powerful, more painterly direction on found objects and salvaged wood. We leave the works to speak.

All images, unless stated otherwise, are via the artists.

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