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Incoming Invasion
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Incoming Invasion

30 Oct 2018

​Invader has been a Hang-Up favourite for as long as we can remember, and with a new survey of his work opening in Los Angeles next month, what better time to look at some of the Street Artists most iconic and bizarre moments. Read on to find out more about the elusive artists invading cities around the world...

"I like the concept of decontextualizing art to bring it to the streets, to surprise everyday people, while constantly creating new pieces. This project, I hope, will leave a print not only on the streets but also on the minds."


A statement that captures the essence of Space Invasions, Invader's ongoing project which needs no introduction. Everyone is familiar with the mosaics the artist creates and installs in urban environments around the globe. Throughout his career Invader has made a great impact on the street-art and art-world and had some pretty big moments. With a retrospective of his work opening in Los Angeles this November and with new works by the elusive artist now available at Hang-Up, we rounded-up some interesting facts and monumental moments in his career as a self-titled UFA - Unidentified Free Artist...

Welcome to Space

The internationally renowned street-artist has kept extremely busy since he stared his invasions in 1998. He has now invaded more than 35 countries around the globe with his characteristic video-game inspired mosaics which "represent... a symbol of the beginning of the digital world in which we are living now."

Some of our Invasion maps

A Few Things You May Not Know...

  • He has been arrested for his interventions in the urban environment and banned from entering certain countries. Thankfully he doesn't seem to mind too much. In his own words: "...this is only art and I will not face the death penalty which would be the only sentence that would stop me from continuing my invasion project."
  • He has placed one of his famous mosaics on the D of the Hollywood sign. Below is clip from his attempt, part of Banksy's film on Street Art, Exit Through the Giftshop.
  • He has also invaded the ocean specifically the Cancun Bay in Mexico, with two pieces. Of course these can only be viewed by experienced scuba divers but at least we have the stunning photos.
  • He has also flown one of his Invader mosaics, SpaceOne into the stratosphere at about 35 kilometres above ground. The mosaic took off in a device elaborated by the artist and equipped with a camera which got these epic snaps.

  • Not only has he flown (or rather returned) Invaders into space but has installed them around Space Stations and Centres around Europe.
  • The artist has released a free smartphone app called Flash Invaders. The app/game is highly interactive, allowing its users to 'spot and flash' Invader artworks around their cities. By doing this they receive points and compete with each-other for the highest score. This allows audiences to participate in his project and become more active in searching and viewing their surroundings. A win-win!
  • Apart from his invasions around the streets, oceans and stratosphere Invader also takes part in exhibitions in museums and galleries. "I like to switch from one another. They are for me two very complimentary sources of energy." He often attends his own openings in a mask to avoid being recognised.

Some of the new Invaders that have landed at Hang-Up...

Aladin Sane (Silver) pays tribute to a cultural icon, David Bowie

And the sought-after VIP edition of Space One. As you can see this is a silver edition of the print the artist chose to send to space with gold details. A very limited edition, which rarely appears on the market.

And some works from his Rubik Kubism series, both depicting iconic characters from The Shinning and A Clockwork Orange.

Invader is an artist that has become famous around the world and continuously challenges concepts around art. For his full catalogue click here and as always don't hesitate to contact with any questions on our invader works. Thanks for reading this week's blog.

As the artist himself has declared the "game is not over!"

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