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We offer a bespoke consignment service where clients can sell their limited edition prints and originals to our collector base of over 30,000 worldwide subscribers. At Hang-Up we believe that by selling through a qualified and reputable establishment is the best way that you will achieve maximum returns for your artworks. There are other ways to sell your work of course, such as on eBay and at auction houses, but there can be pitfalls for the uninitiated, including hidden fees and surprise results. With Match our specialists will offer you a guide price range in lime with the market at the time, and you set the minimum price you will accept accordingly.

Commissions fees are fixed and non negotiable. Works accepted must be over the value of £1000. In general our consignment service will be cheaper than selling through the major auction houses with the added benefit of the seller having full control of the reserve price. Gallery staff will also feed through realistic offers made which the seller may choose to but is under no obligation to accept until the agreed target price has been met.


  • 22.5% for sales £1,000 – £2,000
  • 20% for sales £2,001 – £4,000
  • 15% for sales £4,001 – £8,000
  • 12.5% for sales £8,001 – £12,000

For artworks over £12,000, we agree your reserve price and negotiate our sale fee upfront, so you know what you'll receive and what it will cost to sell the piece.

Terms & Conditions

To be frank and upfront, please have a scan of our Match Terms and Conditions so that you know how we operate.

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Seek Art

If you are looking for a particular piece, tell us what it is and we will match it to our database of sellers. Combined with our extensive database of collectors, it offers a sure way of finding what you want with minimum effort.

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Match Registration

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Match Terms and Conditions

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to the following:

  1. Artists

    Artworks are over £1000 by one of the following eligible Match artists.

    1. Banksy
    2. David Shrigley
    3. Harland Miller
    4. Invader
    5. Jose Parla
    6. JR
    7. KAWS
    8. Shepard Fairey
  2. Exclusivity

    1. To sell the artwork exclusively through Hang-Up Pictures for a period of 60 days.
  3. Artwork Condition/Authenticity

    1. That full disclosure has been given regarding the condition of the artwork. The gallery will assume the artwork is in perfect condition with no, dinks, corner damage, waves, handling marks, creases, tape marks or similar issues unless otherwise stated.
    2. If work is sent to the gallery to fulfil an order whereby the condition is not as described then you, the seller may be responsible for payment of any restoration work that is required from our external conservation team.
    3. If the artwork is framed please ensure that it can be removed from the frame and  that there is not known damage on the reverse or hiding underneath the mount or on the corners. The use of non-archival framing materials and non-archival mounts can stain the print and by agreeing to these terms, you agree that to the best of your knowledge the print is in the condition described.
    4. The artwork is authentic to the best of your knowledge and full paperwork where applicable is in order.
    5. You are the owner, have good title to, or have been given the right to sell the consigned artwork.
    6. In the unlikely event that the artwork is returned Hang-Up within the 7 days return period Hang-Up have no legal obligation to purchase the artwork and it may be returned.
    7. Should a sold item be returned to Hang-Up due to the questioning of proper title and/or doubtful authenticity and this be proven to be correct you agree to reimburse Hang-Up Pictures for the amount you were previously paid for the sale of that item. This stipulation of reimbursement is without time limit.
  4. Shipping

    1. Once your artwork has sold, you are required to forward it to the gallery at 81 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8AD. Please ensure it is packed suitably. It must be with us within 5 working days from the time you have been notified of the sale.
    2. Hang-Up is responsible for any packing and shipping costs to the final buyer, but you, the seller are responsible for shipping the artwork to us within 5 working days and any costs associated with this.
  5. Commissions

    1. 22.5% for sales £1,000 – £2,000
    2. 20% for sales £2,001 – £4,000
    3. 15% for sales £4,001 – £8,000
    4. 12.5% for sales £8,001 – £12,000
    5. For artworks worth over £12 000 please contact the gallery for further details.
  6. Getting Paid

    1. The gallery negotiates the final price and takes payment for the artwork from the buyer by credit card, BACS transfer, cash or PayPal and holds the payment for a period of 7 days.
    2. Fill out the invoice form and return to the gallery via email.
    3. Payments are then transferred to you, the seller 7 days after the buyer has confirmed acceptancewith a BACS payment transfer.
    4. The buyer has a seven day cooling off period. In the extremely unlikely event that the buyer decides to return the artwork within the 7 day period then Hang-Up Pictures has no legal obligation to buy the artwork from the consignee, and it may be returned.
    5. For any further information on our selling service please email or contact the gallery and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.


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