Faile will be opening up at Lazarides in London next week, right before Valentine's Day, the 13th. And they are bringing Bast with them.

Here is the info that the gallery released:

To kick-start the 2010 programme, Lazarides is proud to announce that Faile, Brooklyn’s infamous collaborative duo are bringing their unique vision to London. Featuring long-time collaborator, Bast, the two floors of Lazarides Greek Street gallery will be taken over for a truly experiential exhibition.

Haunts of 80s populist culture inspire the distinctive conceptual show formed by signature elements  from Faile and Bast's career. Interaction with the Arcade installation will be encouraged among gallery visitors along with the added bonus of being able to purchase Faile & Bast artworks for a mere £2, unless that is, you want to use them to play the game, intrigued?

Due to the nature of the show, space is extremely limited, so please be patient and bear with us, we promise it will be worth it. However, just over the road Lazarides’ Rathbone gallery will present 'Torn: A Decade Of Faile'featuring selected highlights since emerging from the streets in 1999. Come down and check out the madness at Greek St and take a fun lesson in Faile history at Rathbone.

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