Hang-Up Gallery's Facebook page is an attempt to grasp all the facets of creative flair in a direct and positive way. We try and share the works that move and inspire us, whether unsolicited or commissioned.  Like the newest Ernest Zacharevic piece, just completed for Living Walls in Atlanta or Stanley Donwood's latest outdoor creation in Bath. 

We almost feel like we are on a quest, a sort of a treasure hunt , finding out new, exciting works. 

We do not always stay in front of the computer. We like to stroll and take photos of the art we encounter. Like these already peeling off Cyrcle stickers we came across in Shoreditch or the latest AiWeiWei exhibition. 

We try and lift the curtain, showing sneak peeks and behind the scenes shots of Hang-Up and details of our visits to artists' studios too. 

We saved our best for last. We try and put in writing what we saw, experienced, heard and thought of in our weekly blog posts. We like to share them with you, our audience, so we can exchange ideas and learn more. Below are examples of two recent ones, covering the first museum show on graffiti and street art in Turkey and a carefully wrapped- up roundup of fresh examples of art on the streets.

We really hope you like what we do and we would like to hear from you what you would want to see more on the page.
Stay in touch with us here: https://www.facebook.com/hanguppictures.  

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