Brooklyn's sweetheart of street art, Swoon, has made her way to the streets of North Philadelphia to participate in Philagrafika 2010, a citywide festival celebrating the role of print in contemporary artistic practice. Involving more than 300 artists at more than 80 venues throughout the city, Philagrafika includes etchings and woodcuts, vinyl graphics, comic books, videos and complicated, conceptually driven projects intended to raise social consciousness.

Swoon's colorful woodcuts on brown paper can be found scattered amongst businesses with names such as "Don's Doo Shop", burnt out buildings, art parks, and a long-abandoned gas station. They are, as Swoon says, “a moment of recognition, a wink from another human presence which is there and not there.”

Thanks to Becki Fuller for the story and the pictures.

You can read more about Philagrafika at Artnet

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