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New Banksy Summer Hang at Hang-Up Gallery
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New Banksy Summer Hang at Hang-Up Gallery

9 Jul 2017

Some of the stand-out pieces in our current collection include Love Is In The Air, Bomb Hugger, Pulp Fiction and Flying Copper.

Arguably Banksy’s most iconic images, Girl With Balloon, is currently on display in our Bunker.

The most famous street pieces of the Balloon Girl is the one discovered in London's South Bank in 2002. The iconic image has stimulated plenty of interest and many different interpretations have arisen from this work. We believe that the Girl With Balloon portrays the idea that hope is essential, despite what the circumstances may be.

The signed Strawberry Donuts, a small Banksy’s largely monochromatic, original silkscreen print, portrays an American police van flanked by policemen on motorbikes, but on top of the police van is a giant donut. This limited edition print, created in 2009 and one of Banksy’s rarest pieces to find, comes in two ‘flavours’: a pink strawberry donut, or brown chocolate – complete with sprinkles. Yum yum.

I Fought The Law, Napalm, Have a Nice Day and Queen Vic

These controversial artworks are the perfect example of the artist's photo-realistic stencil style, and are typical of Banksy’s style of subverting the norm: what, at first glance, is a terrifying and intimidating image, on closer inspection becomes an amusing one. Banksy is the master of sarcasm.

Banksy’s original screenprint, Kate Moss, is one of his more colourful pieces and is highly desirable. The image of the famous model is a homage to Pop Artist Andy Warhol’s rendition of Marilyn Monroe.

Banksy’s first image of Kate Moss surfaced in 2005 when she was having her bathroom re-decorated. When she returned, she found the artwork in her bathroom waiting for her. Who organised Banksy’s access to Moss’s bathroom, and equally, who commissioned the work is not known. Not a bad house warming present.

Our Kate Moss is the Green/Turquoise colourway and is sold professionally framed in a perspex box.

The Bunker also hosts the comic Turf War, Love Rat and Monkey Queen. All available unsigned, sold framed and ready to hang.

Banksy's Flying Copper takes rest above the velvet chez lounge.

And what Banksy Bunker summer re-hang wouldn't be complete without some Harland Miller deck chairs? Have a seat under our palm tree whilst you take in the array of works from the UK's most celebrated Street Artist. We may even rustle up a cocktail or two.

Tempting, we know.

The Bunker is open Tues-Sun 12 - 6, and Mondays by appointment only.

If you're not sure which Banksy you like best, or what's the more popular image, or you just want to top up on your Banksy print knowledge, don't forget that Hang-Up has a Bansky Editions Guide. Go on, take a look.

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