London Art Fair 2015 in a Nutshell

Millie | 25-Jan-2015

It's London Art Fair time again. The Fair's 27th edition, located at the Business Design Centre in Islington, welcomed enthusiastic crowds of collectors, dealers and art lovers. The sales in both Modern British Art and Young and Emerging sections were sufficient not only on the opening day, but throughout the whole duration of the exhibit, which came to show that the art market has been quite active in this first month of the year. For those who are not currently in London and did not have the chance to visit, we have compiled a short overview of some of the new releases that were launched exclusively at the Fair, from artists we follow.

Collecting Street Art The Wrong Way Part II -The Auction Explosions

Millie | 24-Jan-2015

Soaring prices and exciting auction records are what appears to be defining the current art market for street art pieces Currently all eyes are firmly fixed and expectant to see Bonhams' Contemporary Art and Design Sale on 28th January, that will feature 32 lots of earlier Banksy pieces , all coming from Steve Lazarides private collection. An auction that is highly likely to booster the artists already strong secondary market pricing

Katrin Fridriks, Faile, Harland Miller, Rosie Emerson Leading Off Hang-Up Collections Vol. II

Millie | 18-Jan-2015

Starting a fresh, Hang-Up Collections is back with a fresh volume. The second edition of this revolving exhibition continues to bring new releases and rare or previously unseen originals and limited editions by well-recognised artists such as Harland Miller, Katrin Fridriks, Nancy Fouts, Holly Wales, Rosie Emerson, Joe Webb, Mark Powell, Faile to name a few. The gallery will be freshly hung every two weeks - so do not miss the opportunity to see it!

The Artists to Watch in 2015

Millie | 16-Jan-2015

Just a few days before the first important art event for the year - London Art Fair, we pinpoint nine of the most promising and interesting artists to watch in 2015.

Collecting Banksy the Wrong Way Part 1

Millie | 11-Jan-2015

2014 saw the practice of collecting street art going to the next level. It seems that street art now, more than ever, has become powerful and economic; a proof that the passion for art and financial return are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Take for example the works by elusive artist Banksy. Everyone interested in obtaining a piece by him is aware of the delicate procedure, that the artist once put in place to retail his full anonymity and ensure he possesses full control of his own market. Things have, however, drastically changed.

Exclusive- Rosie Emerson for The Club at the Ivy this February

Millie | 10-Jan-2015

This February the prestigious members' club The Club at the Ivy, London welcomes 'Aurora' - Rosie Emerson' series of new original cyanotype works. Known for her 'beautiful, highly original and certainly collectable’ hand-finished with subtle technique prints, and for setting a new world record for the largest Cyanotype, Rosie will bring the magic of cyanotype and share it with the Club's members.

Hang-Up Special 2014 - The Year in Images

Millie | 27-Dec-2014

Approaching the end of a challenging year, we thought of all the moments throughout 2014, that made it so special for the whole Hang-Up family. We set high goals - challenged and provoked perceptions; made promises we worked very hard to fulfill and continuously pushed boundaries. The images below are a sincere account and insight of all those exciting, memorable and thrilling moments. Lauren Baker, Patrick Thomas, Rosie Emerson, RUN, Mark Powell, Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, Banksy, Shepard Fairey,Stanley Donwood, David Scheinmann, Dave White, Russell Marshall, Joe Webb, etc. - they all had a fair part, providing fresh works on weekly basis (as seen in the Hang-Up Collections for example). The Hang-Up team had an overwhelming response from artists, collectors and passers by. We thank you wholeheartedly for your continuous love, interest and constant support and invite you to give a visual farewell of '14.

The Year in Images- Visual Account of 2014

Millie | 22-Dec-2014

Summarising a whole year in images is quite the challenge. We, however, are up for it and willing to share with you all our highlights for this year. The visual narrative below might seem non- chronological, or perhaps incomplete, but it is consistent with the natural aesthetic development of art (both sanctioned and unsolicited) in public urban spaces. There are some great examples of the so called ‘street art murals’, as 2014 seemed a lot like the year of ‘muralism’. There are also examples of brilliant unsolicited works; some aggressive and subversive 'advertisement'; reappropriation of public spaces projects, alongside real vandalism (such as the case with Jeff Koons’ works at the Whitney Museum)... So, have a look below and do not forget to enjoy it! ( as Ernest Zacharevic’s leading piece would suggest).

Kate Gibb and the Unorthodox Method of Printing

Millie | 21-Dec-2014

Following our constant interest in printing and curiosity of how the magic happens, we meet up with Kate Gibb. A print maker and illustration for over fifteen years, Kate's work is a carefully balanced nuanced colourful mix, but always with the right balance of colour. Because, as the artist notes, 'colour for me... it sets the whole mood of the piece'. Below is how Kate sees and experiences the process of print making; practice of orthodox approaches and creation of images.

Beauty Dissected- Johnathan Reiner

Millie | 14-Dec-2014

When first introduced to Johnathan Reiner’s works, the words that come to mind are contradiction, juxtaposition and fascination. There is, however, nothing contradictory in the process of creating, says Reiner. There is a space there, where my mind just goes blank and I am focused on the process, I am on a wavelength which is clear of any intrusive thoughts, expectations, nagging emotions or any highs or lows. It’s not an introspective process because I am not absorbed in myself or withdrawn. It is an active process, which extends from me to the drawing board or the paper or the print-bed and is void of noise. I always feel charged after a few hours of creative work. Below is a short visual narrative and an overview of the feelings, emotions and creative flair that led Johnathan Reiner to the most extraordinary path- that of making artworks.

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