Invader Strikes Again

Clemmie | 23-May-2015

Space Invader has treated us to another invasion in his home town Paris, amounting to his 1139th in the city... pretty impressive eh! This latest mosaic forms the giant character taken from the Metroid series in his iconic pixilated style. The piece comes straight after his month long invasion of Hong Kong for his 'Wipe Out' exhibition. Having invaded 64 cities over 30 countries where will be his next target? We've put together a little collection of his works to celebrate his latest conquest!

Peter Kennard: Unofficial War Artist

Clemmie | 17-May-2015

Peter Kennard is regarded as one of the most important political artists of our time and his recently opened show at the Imperial War Museum will showcase this work, which spans over 45 years of controversial politics. Peter Kennard also forms the artist duo kennardphillipps with Cat Picton-Phillipps, whose imagery have been at the forefront of numerous political campaigns. Their ingenious Photo Op print was produced in response to the Government's decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003 and became an iconic image for the widespread public protest that followed. The exhibition will be shown at the museum for one year from 14th May 2015 - 30th May 2016, with Kennard also publishing a book which presents his works in a wider context. This show will highlight the true significance Kennard's work has had on our political history and will continue to have in the future.

27 Years in the making: Renaissance meets urban

Clemmie | 17-May-2015

Mike Edwards' painting Fellini Bellini has finally seen the light of day after being hidden away in his studio for 27 years. The different stages of this work show the progression of style of the artist from it's beginning back in 1987, whilst he was in his second year of art school, to the final touches completed this year. His contrasting influences of the emerging graffiti tagging style of the 80's with the idealised figures of Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo and Bellini, symbolise a combination of both ancient and contemporary cultures within one image. Through this imagery Mike's aim is to express the idea that 'time passes and culture evolves but core human elements remain as solid as stone.'

Meet The Artist : Joe Webb

Carla Nizzola | 14-May-2015

Hang-Up travelled to sunny Brighton this week to meet up with the man behind our upcoming exhibition 'Sweet Armageddon': Mr Joe Webb. The artist took us around his favourite vintage books stores and road side markets to show where he gets his inspiration for his witty collages. In an exclusive interview with Joe, he talks about the message behind the new collection and his life as fully fledged artist.

Own Art Made Easy

Clemmie | 10-May-2015

After a short vacation from our usual Own Art service, we are happy to announce this amazing scheme is back to facilitate everyone's art addictions. With its return, we thought we'd put together a quick step by step guide for all you first timers.

The Return of Hang-Up Collections

Clemmie | 03-May-2015

Hang-Up Collections is back for it's third fantastic array of works. The walls are adorned with some outstanding figures in both the Urban and Contemporary art scenes, such as Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Banksy, Nancy Fouts and Joe Webb.
So that we can delight you with the greatest variety of our treasures, we will be rotating the pieces throughout the exhibition which runs from 30th April to 24th May, so don't miss out!
Here is a little taster for what is in the gallery at the moment...

Creating the Vibe: Introducing Hang-Up Playlists

Clemmie | 26-Apr-2015

Hang-Up resident Kieran Collins has been treating us with tunes since our very first show back in 2012. His diverse soundtracks have created vibes of all kinds ranging from the dark, mysterious tracks of Magnus Gjoen's latest show MONSTER to a lighter touch at our Xmas Exhibition. Kieran's ability to connect music with art brings a sense of relaxation and engagement to the works and we thought it would be selfish not to share these genius playlists with you all!

The playlists can be viewed on our exhibition page through Spotify. Here's a little round up of our favourite tracks and works from some of our exhibitions.

David De La Mano 'Errantes' Wall Revealed

Clemmie | 19-Apr-2015

David De La Mano has been busy spreading his amazing fluid figures in his homeland, Uruguay. His latest mural can be found in the Barrio district of the capital, Montevideo. The wall depicts David's characteristic figures, which appear as monochrome shadows flowing from one side to another. By incorporating some of these figures with wolf heads, bird cages and tiny figures floating by in sailing boats, David has created a form of parade of the bizarre. This juxtaposition between his fantastical iconography and simple colour palette, create David's beautifully individual style.

A selection of original drawings from the artist are now available and a brand new print release is on the horizon... so watch this space!

Faile's Savage/Sacred Young Minds

Clemmie | 12-Apr-2015

Faile are soon to be back captivating us in creative awe with their latest show, starting on the 10th July. The work of the artist duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller explores the complex and metaphysical issues of their contemporary surroundings, yet they do so with a light hearted aesthetic of colourful comic book characters. Their vibrant compositions are created in mixed media using fine, street and pop art styles, individualising the duo within the urban art scene.
The show will feature a body of new and old work with multimedia installations including a life-size structure reminiscent of a temple ruin, large scale paintings and the Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, a collaboration with artist BAST. With the duo's already voracious market their works are set to become even more collectable.

Check out our selection of favourite works by the artists.

Banksy Door sold for $175

Mor & Kate | 04-Apr-2015

Cheapest Banksy sale in a decade... Remember Banksy's latest walls in Gaza? One of them has been sold just few days ago for $175. Read below for more details on this outrageous sale.

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