Sir Peter Blake and The Lord Mayors Show

Clemmie | 21-Nov-2015

The collage connoisseur Sir Peter Blake has captured the history of the Lord Mayors Show in his amazing new print release. The work combines imagery of Hogarth and Canaletto's historic interpretations of the event along with the parades contemporary quirkiness.
Check out some of our favourite features of the print as well as other great works by the artist...

Private View - So It Goes... An Exhibition by The Connor Brothers

Mor | 15-Nov-2015

Last week Hang-Up Gallery celebrated the highly anticipated exhibition 'So it goes...' by the internationally renown duo The Connor Brothers. The show saw the participation of Pussy Riot's activist and musician Nadya Tolokonnikova who gave an inspiring speech on her collaboration with the duo and their joint effort to raise awareness of the reality of 'The Jungle', Calais.

The event was a huge success, with more than half of the works selling before doors opened at 6pm. We would like to thank the Economist for filming the night, the Evening Standard for the great review and everyone who came down and celebrated with us.

Here's a preview of the evening, photos by our photographer Chuck Noble.

Introducing Pussy Riot

Clemmie | 08-Nov-2015

With our new exhibition So It Goes... by the Connor Brothers launching this Thursday, we are very excited to also be introducing Pussy Riot to the evening. The feminist punk group's front woman Nadya Tolokno will be giving a speech about her collaboration with the artist duo and their charity work for the refugees.
In anticipation of this fantastic evening ahead we thought we'd give you a little background to the group and how the friendship between Pussy Riot and The Connor Brothers began...

Meet The Artists: The Connor Brothers

Hang-Up Team | 31-Oct-2015

In anticipation of our new gallery launch and exhibition 'So It Goes...' by the Connor Brothers, we had the pleasure of digging a little deeper into the minds of the artist duo. In our exclusive interview we discussed details on their latest body of work, their ongoing involvement with the Refugees in Calais as well as Pussy Riot, tattoos and tainted truths...

A Skull Sensation

Clemmie | 26-Oct-2015

The skull is often seen as a symbol of death and demise, however within the art world this image has been continuously transformed to form a range of wonderful works.

The Connor Brothers Return To Calais

Clemmie | 17-Oct-2015

Last month the Connor Brothers visited 'The Jungle' in Calais, experiencing the true extremity of the awful conditions thousands of refugees are living in. In reaction they released their print 'We Must Be Careful Of What We Pretend To Be'. With the help of the generosity of many Hang-Up customers, the print sold out in just a few days, raising over £10,000! Last week they returned to Calais in order to use this money to build waterproof shelter, which is the main hope the refugees hold in order to survive the winter. Check out some photos from their latest trip...

Closing A Chapter - Hang-Up Evolution In Pics

Clemmie | 03-Oct-2015

Hang-Up has spent nearly three years at number 56, growing in size, spirit and diversity. So it is time for us to move on into a bigger space which will see many more years of Hang-Up evolution.
We've put together a timeline of our time at 56 which has been host to a number of diverse exhibitions from Lauren Baker's beautiful skull art to Joe Webbs apocalyptic collages and of course a fair few memorable after parties. Check out our progression and stay tuned to see what the next chapter has in store.

Banksy Dismaland Closes Its Doors

Clemmie | 30-Sep-2015

After a month of divine dreariness Banksys Dismaland has now closed its doors, but not without a riot filled finale!

Hang-Up Is Moving!

Clemmie | 26-Sep-2015

After spending three amazing years at number 56, Hang-Up are moving... to just a few doors down to 81! We're very excited for the new, larger space, which will open in mid October.

Street Art - Outside Inside

Clemmie | 20-Sep-2015

Street art has grown from being regarded by many as wanton vandalism to becoming one of the most desirable and appreciated artistic mediums in the art world. With this increasing recognition, many wall murals have been removed from their setting and sold for huge amounts of money leading to much controversy surrounding these sales. We have put together a selection of examples of imagery from some of the greatest street artists that can be accessible for your inside pleasure!

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