Hang-Up Makes an Artistic Christmas Come True

Millie | 23-Nov-2014

With less than six weeks to this year's end, it only seemed fair if we surrender to the festive cheer and host a different, more artistic Christmas. We have invited artists from our roster to put their magic touch and make this special time unforgettable for all. Expect new, rare or unseen affordable original and limited edition works from the likes of Joe Webb, Rosie Emerson, David Scheinmann, Mark Powell, Mason Storm, Magnus Gjoen, Dave White, Stanley Donwood, Charming Baker, Sir Peter Blake, Shepard Fairey and more... Christmas has never been that sparkly, so come join us, you deserve a treat!

When Banksy Did New York

Millie | 16-Nov-2014

'I often think proper art is a bit unhealthy; 'real' artists convince themselves they are leaving some kind of lasting legacy, but after the world has burnt to a crisp you won't be able to tell the difference between the dust of one of my paintings and the dust of a Picasso...' Banksy, interviewed by Goetz Werner, 2009 A year after elusive artist Banksy announced his monthlong New York 'residency', his works continue to sparkle conversations, raise eyebrows and stir people's minds. Image: The Street is in Play, Banksy, 2013

'Poppies' To Remember the Day

Millie | 09-Nov-2014

The 9th November is no ordinary Sunday. It is always filled up with a sense of loss, remembering all the brave men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty. To commemorate the day, renowned artist Russell Marshall creates 'Poppies' - a hand-pulled two-colour screen print in edition of 111, to raise funds for the Help Heroes Charity.

Walking Down the Political Line with Keith Haring

| 08-Nov-2014

Keith Haring is a figure that hardly needs an introduction. Eye-catching recognisable style, murals, sculptures, drawings in public spaces - all this intense artistic presence settled firmly into the public consciousness in the early and mid 80s, turning Haring into one of the most celebrated and popularised artists we know. Below: Untitled (Self-Portrait), February 2, 1985 Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 in. (121.9 x 121.9 cm) Private collection © 2014, Keith Haring Foundation.

Saner, Lauren Baker and Yayoi Kusama for an Art-Full Halloween

Millie | 31-Oct-2014

Heat, carved pumpkins and dressing-up. This might sound like the typical Halloween, but we chose to have one full of art and not so much of scary costume disguises. We spent the warmest recorded, apparently, Halloween looking for art that inspire us to look beyond the trivia of that day. In the company of artworks by Mexican Saner, UK Lauren Baker and Japanese Yayoi Kusama. Could not wish for a better treat... Leading image: Fragment of Saner's mural in LA. Whole wall below. Photo via the artist.

They Got New Art In - Hang-Up Collections Refreshed

Millie | 26-Oct-2014

'They got new art in' a young man exclaimed when his eyes caught Dave White's Apex Dust Diamond on the gallery window. Yes, 'Hang-Up Collections' have been just refreshed and re-hung. New limited editions, rare one-offs and unseen pieces have found their temporary home on the gallery walls, waiting for a new permanent home.

Art Fairs Highlights or Who is the Art For?

Millie | 25-Oct-2014

October for the art world is what September is for fashion - it is when all the new trends are being set and launched. Last week saw thousands of art enthusiasts, dealers and collectors flooding London in search of what is the next best thing in art. New galleries, new shows, emerging artists, all is happening at one go and it felt almost too overwhelming even without visiting Frieze. I did not make it to Frieze this year. And while you might think that a review of the art week that does not cover the art shown at Regents Park is incomplete, I disagree. With all that attention on art as business only, I wanted to be able to enjoy the work for what it was and not for what the price tags said it is. My firm belief that art is not a luxury or an investment only took me to the fifth editions of Moniker Art Fair (Old Truman Brewery) and Multiplied (Christie’s). I was in for a treat. Leading image: 'Ideally, the Black of this Print would be a Breath-Taking Image', Laure Prouvost, 2014. Seen at Whitechapel Gallery stand, Multiplied.

Telling a Different Story - Mark Powell at Moniker Art Fair

Millie | 18-Oct-2014

Alison Southward- 'Some amazing work Moniker Projects tonight - especially Hang Up Pictures!' Mark Powell's stand at Moniker is amongst the top 5 stands in Huffington Post selection... This is just a snippet from 'Junkyard Games' reception just after its launch. We have been so excited to have the opportunity to show Mark Powell's new and unique playful series at Moniker Art Fair 2014. 'Junkyard Games' is where talent plays, so come see it!

The Connor Brothers Making Sense of the World

Millie | 12-Oct-2014

Trying to make sense of the world is challenging for all of us. This is the core concept behind all the work of enigmatic duo, known as the Connor Brothers. They not only take this challenge on board but also continuously tackle it through their only logical way - making art together.

The Art of Owning Art

Millie | 11-Oct-2014

Art has always been a big part of our lives. Constantly looking for exciting works, we have developed a steady and healthy addiction to collecting art and developing a place where we can share our passion with others. ‘Hang-Up’ is a natural response to this passion and throughout the six years, we have developed a global network of private collectors, dealers, galleries, publishers, enabling us to source specific artwork requests promptly and efficiently and assist in buying private collections. Eight weeks after the launch of ‘Hang-Up Collections’ we take a closer look at the art of collecting. Based on a rather unconventional approach to the usual exhibition format, the show is an attempt to introduce young and keen collectors to fresh releases and rare finds.

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