Rising and Falling On the Streets with Borondo, Seth and Kislow, Fintan Magee, Hyuro, Banksy, Escif and more

Millie | 18-Apr-2014

This week's 'On the Street' is dedicated on more figurative works, that tackle the poetic, metaphorical and quite literal meaning of rising and falling in different nuance. Spaniard Borondo leads off with his newest wall of a man, fallen / hung in an upside down position. Other notable pieces come from Xabier in Villabona, Jetsonorama in Perth, Seth Globepainter and Kislow in Kiev, Sam3 in Villa Real, Fintan Magee in Sydney, Hyuro in Perth, Banksy -Cheltenham and Bristol and Escif in Valencia.

Good Friday Welcomes Artist Joe Webb at the Bohemian Oui Madame!

Carla Nizzola | 17-Apr-2014

Hang-Up Gallery has partnered up with the brilliantly quirky French bistro Oui Madame to to host the works of collage artist extraordinaire Joe Webb. If you're not busy this Easter weekend why not come down to the opening this Good Friday 18th at 6PM and join us for some cocktails and live jazz with The Pocket BeeBop Jazz show ofThe Hoffman Trio. Exhibition runs from Fri 18 April - 30 May at Oui Madame | 182 Stoke Newington Road/Junction Amurst Road | N16 7UY

Fantasy and Reality On the Streets with Phlegm, Jaz, Pixel Pancho, RONE, Borondo

Millie | 11-Apr-2014

This week's 'On the Streets' tries to capture the fine balance between painted fantasy and reality that appears on the city walls. Leading off this short but sweet review is Phlegm with his newest massive piece in Perth. Part of FORM project 'Art in the City', the mural is a stunning example of creativity at large. Other notable walls come from JAZ and Pixel Pancho for FORM, Jade in Lima, Borondo and RONE in London and Seth Globepainter and Kislow in Kiev.

Meet The Artist - Rosie Emerson

Carla Nizzola | 11-Apr-2014

Hang-Up caught up with London based artist Rosie Emerson to chat about her beautiful new collection that will be showcased in her upcoming solo show 'Sirens'. The artist invited us down to her quirky Hackney live-in studio to discuss the core inspirations behind the mysterious female characters. We were also lucky enough to pop down to The Print Club in Dalston to help Rosie create one of her prints, and learn the process behind the historic technique of cyanotype printing. Read more from the artist in our exclusive interview below. 'Sirens' opens 2 May - 8 June 2014

The Faces On The Streets - David de la Mano, Aryz, Space Invader, Rone, Thierry Noir, Vhils

Millie | 07-Apr-2014

This week's ''On the Streets'' is focused on the faces painted on the city walls, that we see but don't always look at. Having a portrait is usually something very emotional and personal, and all the works included below carry this 'inside-out' revealing intimate feeling... See for yourselves. David de la Mano's latest piece for Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival in Gaeta, Italy, leads off the review. The work features hundreds of black silhouettes, all positioned in a giant circle. Check below for more detailed shots of the mural. Other notable walls come from Thierry Noir in London, Aryz in Linz, Austria, Rone in Melbourne, Space Invader in Paris, Vhils in Seixal, Portugal and Blu in Niscemi, Italy.

Rosie Emerson - Sirens

| 04-Apr-2014

Hang-Up Gallery is delighted to introduce Sirens, the romantically decorative exhibition from Hackney based artist Rosie Emerson. Sirens will showcase a stunning new body of work, which experimentally combines print, photography, collage and film to portray Emerson’s mysterious goddesses as ethereal yet beautiful creatures. Like Sirens, these femme fatales lure in the viewer, provoking questions and inviting you into their mythological world. Sirens Opens 2 May - 8 June 2014

Showing: 'Wall To Wall' Group Show at Hang-Up Gallery with Exclusive Indoor Installation by RUN

Millie | 04-Apr-2014

In a recent interview with Iggy Pop for Interview Magazine, renowned artist Shepard Fairey admits that 'For me, there has always been a disconnect with the sort of elitist structure of the high-art world - and my distaste for that is at odds with my feeling that art should aspire to do great things...I'm not saying I'm above any of this-I'm a part of it. ' This short quote grasps the complex relation between institutionalized art and art in public spaces so well, that it hardly needs any explanation. Street art has lived a while now on the brink of acceptance and it has slowly made its way to the white-walled gallery spaces. The transition from urban to confined institutional settings has not been a straight forward nor an easy one, but it seems more like a natural progression and it is a proof of the movement's maturity and evolution. Just over a week ago Hang-Up Gallery hosted the opening of its newest show 'Wall to Wall'. Quite a challenging project, the exhibition strives to reveal that maturity and diversity of the often illicit practice of street art.

Spring cacophony and colours On the Streets with Borondo, RUN, RAE, Ben Eine, Faith47 and more

Millie | 28-Mar-2014

First week of Spring brought colours, vivacity and energy on the streets. Leading off this bright 'On the Streets' edition is Borondo with this new double portrait breath-taking piece. Constantly seeking ways to interact and be in a dialogue with the street and the city, the artist continues to patiently create visually stunning stories with diligence. Other notable walls come from RUN and Thierry Noir n London, RAE in Coney Island, Ben Eine - San Francisco, Fin Dac and Christina Angelina in LA, Hopare in Morocco, Herakut in LA, Fikos Antonios in Athens, Jade in Peru and Faith47 in Cape Town.

Wall To Wall Private View at Hang-Up Gallery

Lucy | 23-Mar-2014

On Friday evening we launched our new show 'Wall To Wall', featuring an eclectic mix of rare and unseen urban art from Banksy, Faile, RUN, Shepard Fairey , Swoon + many more.

Wall To Wall In the Making

Millie | 21-Mar-2014

We don't believe in empty walls. We believe in Henri Lefebvre's “The future of art is not artistic, but urban” thought. And this is how the idea of a 'Wall to Wall' show was born. We want to lift the curtain a bit and reveal the thoughts, challenges and ideas behind it because they are all part of the unique experience of viewing and appreciating art. So here it is - 'Wall to Wall' in the making...

On the Streets Invaded - RUN, Borondo, Alexis Diaz, Pixel Pancho, Space Invader, Martha Cooper, Vinz

Millie | 14-Mar-2014

With the weather starting to feel like a 'street art weather', there has been some proper creative energy flowing on the streets. Leading off this week's review is RUN's impressive new wall in London. Named 'Phrenology', all in monochrome, the piece stands out with its complexity, clear lines, captivating and attracting attention and provoking communication. Other notable works come from Borondo, Alexis Diaz, Pixel Pancho, RUN and Cane Morto - London, Aakash Nilahani and Know Hope - NYC, VinZ - New Jersey, Space Invader - Paris, Martha Cooper - Berlin.

Meet The Artist: Mason Storm

Lucy | 14-Mar-2014

We stopped by Mason Storm's studio last week to chat about his controversial artwork, being a mysterious artist and the ever changing Hackney. Read our exclusive interview with the artist, including pictures from inside his Stoke Newington studio.

Humour and Beauty in On the Streets with Jilly Ballistic, Mobstr, Pose, Anthony Lister, Borondo

Millie | 07-Mar-2014

This week's 'On the Streets' focuses on the subtle humour and finer elegance of street art. The pieces that caught our attention, located mostly in NYC and London, are all conceptually fresh, original and have something of a Duchampian aura. Leading off is this brilliant Jilly Ballistic 'Exit' paste-up somewhere deep in the Brooklyn subway. Well-known for her intelligent, full of humour interventions, the artist continuously put thought-provoking anti-advertisements or into fine-looking collages, not being afraid to speak out; pasting stickers of gas-masked nurses and WWII soldiers. The result is more than satisfying. Image via the artist. Other notable pieces come from Mobstr in London, Pose and Joei Urato in NYC, Cyrcle in London, Anthony Lister in Melbourne, Nunca in Paris and Borondo back in London.

On The Streets - The Freshest Global Street Art Brought To You Every Week. 28 February 2014

Millie | 28-Feb-2014

This week's 'On the Streets' covers not only diverse works from around the world, but also worthy walls, touching on global social issues such as inclusion and seclusion, sense of belonging and identity, stereotypes and social stigmas with a pinch of sarcasm. We have chosen this new Herakut large -scale mural to lead off the review, because of its positive message and purpose. Part of a three month project, run by AptART and the French organization ACTED in Jordan, the work created in Zaatari Refugee camp not only beautifies the environment, but engages and stimulates participation of the local youth. Other notable works come from Basik in Tunisia, I♥ in Vancouver, Lush in Lyon, Mobstr in London, Hyuro in Valencia, Borondo in London and Jr in Baden- Baden.

Street Art for Greater Good

Millie | 25-Feb-2014

We are so used to associating street art with just pretty pictures on walls or mere vandalism, that we forget that those pretty images can also do good. The examples below, including murals done for the homelessness charity Depaul in London and the Anotherlightup Project in Cape Town, illustrate street art social function loud and clear. David Shillinglaw, BEST EVER, Ben Slow, Josh Jeavons, Faith47 - they all put their skills and passion into works that would not only beautify the urban environment, but would also raise awareness to different social issues (such as homelessness and community engagement) and work towards a positive outcome. Take a closer look and see for yourselves. Image via David Shillinglaw.

On The Streets - The Freshest Global Street Art Brought To You Every Week. 21 February 2014

Millie | 21-Feb-2014

This week's 'On the Street' is as diverse and colourful as the English weather. It has it all- large scale murals, stunning visual realism, vivaciousness and a good dollop of humour. Leading off the review is this outstanding new example of visual perfection by London artistic duo BEST | EVER. The wall is painted as a part of an ongoing project - Street Stories, by the homelessness charity Depaul, to raise awareness of the difficulties facing disadvantaged young people in the UK facing homelessness. Other worthy walls come from David de la Mano in Barcelona, Jorge-Rodriguez Gerada in London, Alex Hornest and Claudio Ethos in Sao Paulo, REKA ONE, Seth Globepainter, Tristan Eaton and Know Hope for POW! WOW! Hawaii, RAE in NYC and Anthony Lister.

Rare Works from Banksy, Faile, KAWS, David Choe, Ben Eine, Run and many more in upcoming exhibition 'Wall to Wall'

Lucy | 21-Feb-2014

We're pleased to present our upcoming group show ‘Wall To Wall’ – a modern exploration of street art’s diverse nature including an exclusive installation and new works from street artist RUN in the project space. 'Wall to Wall' opens at the gallery on March 22nd.

RUN, Phlegm and Christiaan Nagel Giving Last Moments of Life to Blithehale Medical Centre

Millie | 20-Feb-2014

Prolific Italian artist RUN teams up with Sheffield-based Phlegm and Christiaan Nagel on a mission to give final moments of vivacious life to yet another to be demolished building in London - the Blithehale Medical Centre in Bethnal Green. Once prominent, the building was 'sentenced' to be destroyed. Awaiting its final, the centre welcomed the artists trio, who worked between the torn walls, pebbles and concrete, to liven up and beautify the last remaining moments of the structure. Take a look at the works below that moved us with their sense of belonging and never transient beauty. All images through Juliiea and Last Project UK.

The Streets in Instagram Pictures. 20 February 2014

Millie | 19-Feb-2014

'This is an Instagram Opportunity'... This new witty piece by Mobstr managed to capture in just five words the true essence of the so hot and trendy Instagraming. So we are also taking this generous opportunity to share with you what has been hitting the web this week. We do start our review undisputably with Mobstr, followed by Anthony Lister, Faile, the Huffington Post, Cyrcle, Ai Weiwei, Shepard Fairey, Banksy and Maser. Art at its best - guaranteed!