Spring Selection

Clemmie | 22-Mar-2015

With Spring finally underway, we thought we'd treat you all to a blooming marvellous selection of works to celebrate! The works are full of floral festivity and Easter essentials to get you in the spirit of the season.

Magnus Gjoen MONSTER Exhibition Private View

Clemmie | 22-Mar-2015

On Thursday evening we celebrated the opening of Magnus Gjoen's exhibition MONSTER in the usual Hang-Up cheer. The show features both limited edition prints and large scale originals, which explore the fragility of the psyche in a brand new abstracted and graphic direction. Our trusty photographer Chuck has captured the zest of the evening in the images below. The show will run until the 26th April so don't miss the chance to come and check out these highly individual works!

Ben Eine in Abu Dhabi

Clemmie | 14-Mar-2015

Ben Eine has been busy putting a British tag on the walls of the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi with his 40 metre long mural. His easily recognisable letters read ‘Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder,’ which is commenting on the juxtaposed combination of traditional and modern aspects in the cultures of Abu Dhabi. His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan showed his support for the project by taking up a spray can for the first time and tagging his name below Eine’s. Check out the pictures that document this momentous moment in art for the region!

New Artworks by Marcus Harvey

Clemmie | 14-Mar-2015

Hang-Up is extremely excited to begin stocking work from internationally acclaimed artist, Marcus Harvey. As one of the first generation of the YBA, Harvey gained recognition back in 1997 at the RA show 'Sensation,' with his cynical portrait of Myra Hyndley made up of a child's handprints. Marcus Harvey has used a wide range of mediums and explored a variety of thought provoking subjects throughout his career, which draw you in with their controversial imagery! Some of his more recent pieces are based on the idea of voyeurism and the aesthetics of distortion. Check out some of his works below.

Lauren Baker's 1/2 A Million Captivating Crystals...

Clemmie | 08-Mar-2015

For the last four months Lauren Baker has been hidden away in her crystal cave working on her latest top secret project. This week she finally unveiled the incredible crystal piano! This handmade piano has been laboriously hand encrusted with over half a million Swarovski crystals to create a captivatingly luxurious masterpiece. Check out the finished piece which now sparkles in the home of an influential Sheikh in Qatar.

Joe Webb's Hot New Apocalypse Series

Clemmie | 06-Mar-2015

Here is a sneak peak at Joe Webb's most recent collage series 'Apocalypse' which will be available from Sunday. His bold new collection of originals explore modern day issues in his stylistically comical way. Juxtaposing pink panties with wicked warfare is just one example of Joe's amazingly witty imagery. With his new solo exhibition 'Paper Cuts' at Saatchi Gallery fast approaching, followed by a solo show at Hang-Up in the summer, the collectability of Joe's work is set to appreciate so watch this space!

Meet The Artist: Magnus Gjoen

Carla Nizzola | 26-Feb-2015

In anticipation for his upcoming solo show 'Monster' at Hang-Up Gallery, we visited Gjoen's new Hackney studio set up to pick his brain on the inspirations behind his most refined collection to date.

Banksy in Gaza

Carla Nizzola | 26-Feb-2015

British Street Artist Banksy releases a short video of his latest stencil series placed amongst the war-torn Gaza, Palestine.

Hang-Up Winter/Spring '15 Collection

Mor & Clemmie | 22-Feb-2015

Inspired by this week's London Fashion Week we thought we would put together our very own lookbook of Hang-Up's current collection with the likes of Harland Miller, Jose Parla, Nick Walker, Rosie Emerson and others stealing the show. Find below the pieces that highlight the diversity and allure of our current collection.

Dave White's True Colours

Millie | 22-Feb-2015

Internationally renowned contemporary artist Dave White is certainly one to look out for if you are in the search of new artworks to add to your treasure, or if you are a first time buyer and would love to start your collection with a kick. In this interview the british artist tells us about his works, his inspirations and most important about the different media he uses to achieve a stunning results both with his originals and limited edition prints. We are very pleased to represent an artist with his ambition and talent and hope you will enjoy reading this interview as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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