RUN - Time Traveller Artist Man

Charlotte | 19-Jun-2016

This week we are catching up with street artist, RUN. Unveiling his new mural in Marrakech to a Kick Starter project to raise funds for a book of his artistic journeys - Read on to find out more!

Banksy - The Bristol Legend

Charlotte | 07-Jun-2016

This week a primary school in Bristol has returned from half term to find that Banksy has acknowledged the renaming of one of their houses in the best way the street artist knows how...
Read on to find out more and see a selection of Hang-Up's available prints!

Johnathan Reiner - Brand New Releases

Charlotte | 05-Jun-2016

We have been spoilt! After releasing two new prints this month, we caught up with Johnathan Reiner to give us an insight into his new works and processes. Taking a step into his studio and a sneak peek at his new artistic direction. Read on to find out what's next for Johnathan Reiner...

Introducing Giles Walker

Charlotte | 27-May-2016

Giles Walker was introduced to Hang-Up for the Wondrous Obsession Exhibition which opened earlier this month. This week's blog takes a look at Walker's incredible career in art, music, scrap and the age of surveillance. Read on to find out more....

Joe Webb - A look at 2016 So Far...

Charlotte | 22-May-2016

This time last year Hang-Up gallery was just about to open Joe Webb's solo show, Sweet Armageddon. This week's blog takes a look at the collage artists' year and most recent news. From new works and artistic direction to being a major influence to Coldplay's new music video. Webb has continued to create wonderfully thought provoking images and we are excited to see what else this year has in store for him...

Street Art In 2016 | David De La Mano

Charlotte | 15-May-2016

David De La Mano is a street artist and a friend of Hang-Up Gallery. We have been following his creative ventures across the world in Uruguay, Paris and now back in his home town of Salamanca in Spain. Check out his latest works featured in Italy during CVTà Street Fest, long term collaborator and friend, Pablo S. Herrero and lots more...

Private View - Wondrous Obsessions: The Art Of Collecting

Charlotte | 08-May-2016

Wondrous Obsessions: The Art Of Collecting - Curated By The Connor Brothers is officially open! Thank you to all who made it down on Thursday. It was a great evening! Special thanks to all of the artists involved. If you didn't manage to come - don't worry this show is on until the 3rd of July.
All photos are taken by our wonderful photographer, Chuck Noble. Enjoy!

John Henry Toney and Mark Powell: A Sneak preview...

Charlotte | 28-Apr-2016

The final count down to the opening of Wondrous Obsessions has officially begun! 4 days till the private view and Hang-Up Gallery is in it's last stages of installation. This week we introduce John Henry Toney and one of our well known affiliated artist; Mark Powell. Both these very talented men will be showcasing new work next week. Read on to get a sneak preview of what they have in store....

Artist Interview: Butch Anthony by Mike Snelle

Charlotte | 24-Apr-2016

With under 2 weeks to go till the opening of Wondrous Obsession: The Art Of Collecting, we introduce Butch Anthony. An artist based in Alabama who is arguably the greatest collector of wondrous things. Read on to find out how a dinosaur got him into collecting, a turnip got him to become an artist and why his home was featured in the New York Times...

The Connor Brothers take over 2016

Charlotte | 17-Apr-2016

Over the last 6 months, The Connor Brothers have been up to all sorts and continue to cause a stir in the artworld. The duo have covered a lot of ground already this year with very exciting projects - read on to find out what they have in store for 2016.

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