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INTROVERSION IMMERSION | The New Solo Show by Tim Fishlock
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INTROVERSION IMMERSION | The New Solo Show by Tim Fishlock

10 Apr 2019

It's time to make it official - our second show with Tim Fishlock (FKA Oddly Head) is launching this May. INTROVERSION IMMERSION will showcase the artists' newest and most ambitious works to date that deal with some timely issues that will result in a truly extraordinary show. We. Can't. Wait. Read on to find out everything you need to know...


We are delighted to officially announce the highly anticipated solo show by Tim Fishlock, the artist-phenomenon formerly known as Oddly Head. Set to be even bigger and better than his last solo show with Hang-Up, you won't want to miss this one. An exhibition set to leave a mark on its visitors, in which Fishlock questions and appraises our information-saturated age and asks us to confront what the deluge of opinion, narcissism and image overkill is doing to our society.

INTROVERSION IMMERSION tackles the dreaded compulsions of social media and our own existential plight with thought-provoking and playful irreverence. Fishlock continues his shrewd comment on the fragile state of society and our place within it through his vibrant, text-based paintings, reflecting on our uneasy relationship with technology and how we are a slave to our own invention.

“I began to wonder whether it’s people like me, the introverted, who are truly the most self-absorbed and self-centred.” - Tim Fishlock

Gallery shots of Fishlock's 'Repeat After Me'. His inaugural show with Hang-Up which was a sell-out success. Photos by Chuck Noble.

What's on Show?

On the ground floor, expect to see a series of new additions to the Satisfactory Living series. Unified by the repetition of ME ME ME; Ego, Welcome Me, Handle Me, Provoke Me, Message Me, the paintings are presented alongside a large-scale sculpture, a newer direction for the artist.

“In an era when more people than ever get everything they want, everything becomes merely satisfactory. The ‘temple of ME’ proves to be one of unrealistic expectations.”- Tim Fishlock

There will also be a new version of the much-loved piece, 'The Future Leaks Out'. TFLOW comprises 85 solid wooden blocks referencing the William Burroughs’ quote “when you cut into the present, the future leaks out”. Careful consideration was given to the selection of words, which, like much of the artist’s work, allude to a fairly misanthropic, dystopian world-view. This establishes a striking contrast between the subject matter and a material form that is synonymous with childhood creativity and exploration.

Tim Fishlock with his piece, The Future Leaks Out

Artist, Mike Snelle, of The Connor Brothers, playing with The Future Leaks Out

But what may perhaps be the main attraction will be found downstairs. A site-specific installation titled INTROVERSION IMMERSION will take over the entire bunker in the form of an enclosed ‘room’ of 72 light boxes ranged floor to ceiling. Flooded with a beguiling fusion of words and colours, we are confronted with the fiction served up every day and reminded there is no language without deceit.

Sneak peak of new work...

Fishlock’s important new work reminds us that our capacity to see, feel and question is circumscribed by the type of world we are immersed in. This important exhibition challenges us to truly look and think about how we live.

INTROVERSION IMMERSION will be on at Hang-Up Gallery on from 31 May - 13 July, with the Private View launch on the evening of 30 May between 6 - 9 pm.
At the Private View, visitors will get the first chance to see the work and meet the artist, along with cocktails and live music. If you have any questions regarding the show please dont hesitate to get in touch through

In the lead up to the show and throughout it's run, expect to catch print releases, competitions, interviews, studio visits and more so keep your eyes on our social media to make sure you don't miss out!

Trust us - it will be a real treat for the senses.

Thanks for reading,

Hang-Up Team x

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